This project contains an extended "Standard Library" for Coq called coq-std++. The key features of this library are as follows: - It provides a great number of definitions and lemmas for common data structures such as lists, finite maps, finite sets, and finite multisets. - It uses type classes for common notations (like `∅`, `∪`, and Haskell-style monad notations) so that these can be overloaded for different data structures. - It uses type classes to keep track of common properties of types, like it having decidable equality or being countable or finite. - Most data structures are represented in canonical ways so that Leibniz equality can be used as much as possible (for example, for maps we have `m1 = m2` iff `∀ i, m1 !! i = m2 !! i`). On top of that, the library provides setoid instances for most types and operations. - It provides various tactics for common tasks, like an ssreflect inspired `done` tactic for finishing trivial goals, a simple breadth-first solver `naive_solver`, an equality simplifier `simplify_eq`, a solver `solve_proper` for proving compatibility of functions with respect to relations, and a solver `set_solver` for goals involving set operations. - It is entirely dependency- and axiom-free.

opam install coq-stdpp.1.1.0
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coq ((>= 8.6 & < 8.9~) | (= dev))