An Impredicative Model of Nuprl's Constructive Type Theory. This library formalizes Nuprl's Constructive Type Theory (CTT) as of 2015. CTT is an extensional type theory originally inspired by Martin-Lof's extensional type theory, and that has since then been extended with several new types such as: intersection types, union types, image types, partial types, set types, quotient types, partial equivalence relation (per) types, simulation and bisimulation types, an atom type, and the "Base" type. Our formalization includes a definition of Nuprl's computation system, a definition of Howe's computational equivalence relation and a proof that it is a congruence, an impredicative definition of Nuprl's type system using Allen's PER semantics (using Prop's impredicativity, we can formalize Nuprl's infinite hierarchy of universes), definitions of most (but not all) of Nuprl's inference rules and proofs that these rules are valid w.r.t. Allen's PER semantics, and a proof of Nuprl's consistency. In addition to the standard introduction and elimination rules for Nuprl's types, we have also proved several Brouwerian rules. Our computation system also contains: (1) free choice sequences that we used to prove Bar Induction rules; (2) named exceptions and a "fresh" operator to generate fresh names, that we used to prove a continuity rule. More information can be found here: Feel free to send questions to the authors or to

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